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Missing since 5/08/2015 in Panorama city, around chase elementary school

Freckles is a 1 year old tortoiseshell cat, small spayed female. Unique face markings can be seen in photo she has a pink spot on her nose and her mouth is half black/gray and half white. She is a mostly indoor cat we are very worried that she has not been home in over 24hours. She is microchipped, but she is not wearing a collar it was lost so she may be mistaken for a stray cat.

Please contact Dalia with any info
email -
phone - 818-207-5402

Found 5/08/2015 on Central St. South Downtown / Gramercy Park LA

Male dog has black spots and is mostly white. I believe he is a rat terrier or some type of terrier mix, or it could possibly be a chihuahua mix

Please contact Bailey with any questions, info or proof of ownership
email -
phone - 661-428-0160 or 412-965-7324

Missing since 5/08/2015 near Cabrillo Avenue and Westmont Dr. in Alhambra

Chance is a brown and black brindle coat male, short flat hair, long straight tail. We think he is a pit bull terrier and mountain cur mix. Very sweet, despite his looks. White V or diamond shaped patch on his chest. Un-neutered. Medium-large sized, lean- about 65 pounds.

Please contact Meghin with any info
email -
phone - 949-680-8664

Missing since 5/08/2015 from Armacost Ave, in West LA

Einstein is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi, brown with a white stripe on his back and white mane.

Please contact Bao with any info
email -
phone - 310-990-6237

Found 5/08/2015 near Sunset Blvd and Lucile Ave in Silver Lake, CA

Found a male black kitten, he has a flea collar and red collar but no tags or microchip. Extremely friendly!

Please contact Erin with any questions, info or proof of ownership
email -
phone - 508-380-7793

Missing since 5/02/2015 from the 2400 block of Ocean View Ave in the MacArthur Park neighborhood

Dodger is an all black female, short hair (sheds a ton when she is stressed), petite kitty darted out of my apt. She does not have a collar nor a microchip.

Please contact Elizabeth with any info
email -
phone - 949-295-4453

Missing since 4/22/2015 near S Glasgow Ave and W. Arbor Vitae St near LAX airport

Garfield is a male orange Tabby with white on his back paws, chest and chin. Olive green eyes. 2 years old.

Please contact Amber with any info
phone - 310-343-0532

Missing since 4/04/2015 from the Santa Monica / Brentwood area - N. Esparta & San Vicente

Iwrin is a male Terrier mix. Cream/tan in color. Weighs about 15 - 20 lbs. One floppy ear. Approx 2 years old. No collar - But is microchipped.
Irwin is very shy and skittish - Will probably be laying in a quiet area away from street and loud noises.

Please contact Cathy with any info
email -
phone - 310-428-4594

Found 5/01/2015 near corner of Tajunga and Chandler in North Hollywood

Long hair brown male chihuahua. Not fixed but well groomed and very sweet. Extremely friendly.

Please contact Magenta with questions, info or proof of ownership
email -
phone - 310-728-5073

Found 4/2015 near Alameda street and 15th street, Downtown L.A.

Very sweet and happy female German Shepard - was found with pink thick collar around 8pm Monday. She looks lost and we brought her back to our warehouse to feed her and put up signs around the neighborhood -- also put a post on Craigslist. She seems healthy happy and probably just wandered a little too far

Please contact Jana with any questions, info or proof of ownership
email thru
phone / text - 213-458-4446