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Missing since 5/05/2015 near W 62nd St and Meecham Way in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles 90043

Shadow is a very energetic 8 year old black lab. He is wearing a red collar.

Please contact K. Renee with any info
email -

Found 5/15/2015 on 17th street in Santa Monica

Large gray cat with white markings found. It has been roaming the area and is very friendly.

Please contact Jaime with questions, info or proof of ownership
email -

Found 3/01/2015 in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Found a long haired black and white cat. It is smallish in size and seems very people friendly. It purrs when pet. I can't tell yet if it is a male or female. I will find out and get a picture shortly.

Please contact Devin with questions, info or proof of ownership
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Missing since 5/14/2015 from Woodlawn Ave btw. Oakwood and Abbot Kinney, Venice

Scout is a nine year old strictly indoors female cat who has never been outside before. She’s been gone over 24 hours now so she has to be very hungry and very scared. She also needs her daily medication that she takes for kitty IBD.

She has a microchip for being ID’d at shelters and vets but is not wearing a collar or an id tag.

Please contact Rosanna with any info
email -
phone - 310-922-0423

Missing since 5/14/2015 from S. Curson Ave, Mid-City / Los Angeles CA 90019

Uni is a female black and gold tabby with banding on the legs... and pretty much all over, white belly with a distinct cute gold/black patch in the center. She has a microchip.

Please contact Gifford with any info
email -
phone - 323-407-8788

Missing since 5/10/2015 near Eastern & 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90022

Luna is an all white Female Siberian Husky with bright blue eyes and black nose. She went missing on early (3am) Sunday (5/10/15) morning from her home near Eastern & 3rd Street in Los Angeles, CA 9022. There is an $800 reward if she is found and returned.

Please contact Elias with any info
email -
phone - 626-290-1301

Missing since 5/12/2015 near 166th & Normandie Ave, Gardena CA

Bonsai is a white poodle mix. Male very friendly.

Please contact Samuel with any info
email -
phone - 310-464-7897

Found 5/04/2015 in South Gate

Female Jack Russell terrier mix, white with black markings

Please contact Sheri with questions, info or proof of ownership
email -
phone - 323-493-5203

Missing since 5/09/2015 from Tree People Park, Coldwater Canyon

Liza is a small female Maltese. Chubby, VERY friendly. White, shaved coat. You can see her pink skin under her fur. Hypo-allergenic. Has a turquoise/blue flea collar on. Playful. Snorts when barks. Small nose. Big eyes.

Please contact Anya with any info
phone - 310-927-7686

Missing since 5/04/2015 near Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles California 90029

Kit kit baby cat is a female American Shorthair

Please contact Tyana with any info
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