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Missing since 5/24/2015 from Druid St. in the El Sereno / Lincoln Heights / Downtown area, Los Angeles 90032

Brixton is a 60 lbs male Lab Weimaraner mix. He is friendly and quiet shy. Has a white patch on his chest, slender build, big scar on his right leg from a surgery. He has no collar on.

Please contact Jon with any info
email -
phone - 518-307-6912

Found 5/21/2015 in Reseda on Yarmouth between Hart and Vanowen

I found this dog yesterday morning on Yarmouth in between Vanowen and Hart. My girlfriend and I took her to the vet and got her a checkup, flea and tick bath, and fecal test. She tested negative for parasites and is in good health. The vet said she is 12 or 13. She has a very sweet disposition. Please let me know if you've seen any signs about her being lost or have any information at all about her. Judging by her lack of hair and fly bites/ticks/fleas and slightly low weight she looks to have been lost for quite a long time.

Please contact Andrew with questions, info or proof of ownership
email -

Found 5/22/2015 in Commerce, CA

Female German Shepherd, has a red collar but no tag

Please contact Vanessa with questions, info or proof of ownership
email -

Missing since 5/21/2015 from 8th and Figueroa in Downtown L.A.

Milo is a Yorkipoo, tan 15 pounds, slipped his collar while out with his walker after getting skittish about another dog on the walk. Last seen in downtown Los Angeles.

Please contact Deitra with any info
email -
phone - 310-936-2667

Missing since 3/24/2015 from W 235th Place in Torrance,CA

Biggie Smallz is a male, solid grey Russian Blue with a raccoon striped tail

Please contact Marie with any info
email -

Missing since 3/18/2015near Lindenhurst Ave and S San Vicente Blvd, LA CA 90048

Gertie is a 10 year old female Shih Tzu, sweet and friendly, no collar, think she was stolen from my yard. $1000 cash reward, no questions asked

Please contact Melissa with any info
email -
phone - 551-427-9331

Missing since 5/18/2015 from on Huntington Dr. in El Sereno

Cucco (aka Buddy) most likely resembles a chihuahua but he's bigger in height and length. He's beige with a bit of white he has green eyes with a dark brown nose and long ears.

Please contact Adriana with any info
email -
phone - 323-747-3674

Missing since 5/15/2015 near Federal and Stanwood ave, Near National blvd and Barrington in Mar Vista
Her name is “7” She is 8 months old and very large (tummy also) for a kitten and has unusual front paws as she has 7 toes.

Gray, black, white and a little brown. White chest and paws, Mild striping on the back and sides, mild spots on the stomach. Brick colored nose with black edges. People have commented that she looks like a Maine Coon and she seems to be growing to that size.

She recently moved to the area and has only been an indoor kitty. She has no collar, but has a chip.

Our 7 year old son really misses her. If you know her whereabouts please let us know.

Please contact Jeff with any info
email -
phone - 3104666232

Found 05/17/2015 near Griffith Park (Riverside & Los Feliz).

Young female German Shepard

Please contact Christine with questions, info, description or proof of ownership
email -
phone - 415-420-3517

Missing since 5/16/2015 near S. Central Avenue/ E. 109th Street Watts, California

Charlie is about 4 months old, she is a gray (shiny) dog, her chest is white and she has a small round scar on her back, she's wearing a hot pink collar, she's about 3 feet tall slim long legs.

Please contact Leslie with any info
email -
phone - 323-787-6180