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Lost or Found Pet Submission

***Please ensure that any fields marked required are properly filled (most fields are required). At times the form has failed to work properly when attempting to upload an image with a large file size. Should you receive this or any error or have any problems using this from, you can email us the information directly through our contact form located here ***

Guests to our site as well as registered users can use the form below to provide information and details so that we can post a pet to the listings without the need to create an account themselves.

We will get your submission posted as quickly as possible, at times it can take a short while for us to create the post if we are at our day jobs or otherwise away from an available computer. 

For mixed breeds hold down 'Ctrl' or 'Command' to select multiple options.
For mixed breeds hold down 'Ctrl' or 'Command' to select multiple options.
Name of pet or name pet responds to, enter 'Unknown' if unsure.
Pet's last known location, ie. street, neighborhood or city... please be somewhat specific if possible !Please DO NOT list your street address!
For Lost Pets ~ The more information you can provide specific to your pet is helpful to help others correctly identify your pet. For Found Pets ~ Consider leaving out some descriptive information to ensure proper identification by the rightful owner.
Please consider that for found pets, displaying less information can help ensure the proper owner can correctly identify the pet you have found. Creating an account offers the ability to upload larger & multiple pictures directly into a post with a few additional options. Max pic.size = 5MB in any of the following formats - .gif .jpg .jpeg .png You may also upload a flier/poster in .odf .pdf .doc .docx format to us as well.
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