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Flyers via Instagram = even more people looking

Now that Instagram profiles have landed on the web, our shared pics of flyers we come across can be easily viewed by everyone with a web browser. Our profile and user name is instagram/lostpetsla

We've searched Instagram and while there are a few similar tags in use, below are the tags we use - the 'la' is especially important as it helps to narrow the scope to Los Angeles...

lost/found cats: #lostcatla
lost/found dogs: #lostdogla
lost/found birds: #lostbirdla
lost/found other pets: #lostpetsla

The simplicity of the above tags is intentional (ie. a 'found' or 'seen' dog is very likely 'lost' by some one else), even four tags almost seems too many.

You can also view our RSS feed which is continually updated with all newly posted content -



It's a miracle! Vinny was returned to me by two kind ladies! Thanks be to God, I have him back.