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German Shepherd (?) Spotted in University Park

Seen on 6/29/2014 near the W Adams Blvd & S Hoover St bus stop in University Park.

"Young dog (German Shepherd or a breed that looks like one) with no collar near the W Adams Blvd & S Hoover St bus stop (14/37) in University Park as I got off the bus (9 pm, 29 June 2014).I tried to go near it to bring it with me but I wasn't sure if it was wild or just playful so I had to leave it there. It didn't know how to cross the street and seemed totally lost. I went back to get it home with a friend but could not find it. I checked a few blocks. But I'm quite sure it must be somewhere in the neighborhood."

- R.K.

The shelter serving this neighborhood is

South LA Shelter (City of L.A.)

1850 W 60th St
Los Angeles 90047
(888) 452-7381