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Spotted Female Border Collie (?) (West Hills)

Seen on 10/06/2013 in West Hills near Victory and Platt.

I live on Gilmore St in West Hills. I spotted a white and black female dog in my front yard. Looked like a Border Collie? Very afraid of people. She weighs MAYBE about 30 - 40 lbs. No collar or tags. White body and tail charcoal and white speckled ears and a white face with a black patch around left eye. I could not get close enough to catch her but I was able to feed her some canned dog food and she took off on Gilmore St heading toward Kenwater. Nearest major intersection is Victory and Platt. I could not catch her and I dont know where she is, exactly.

All info is here. If she's your dog, I pray you find here before she gets hit by a car. God Bless

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