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Found Black & Tan Male Tabby (West Adams)

Found 10/06/2014 in West Adams, Los Angeles

This cat showed up at my apt about 7 weeks ago. I took it to the vet and found that the cat was microchipped but the owner never registered the cat so there's no listed phone number for me to call. However I did find out that the cat was microchipped at Pet Care Vet Center.

He's a brown and black tabby with mixed medium length hair. He has a broken tail and clipped right ear but both look like previous/ healed injuries. He's spayed/neutered, super sweet and makes a swirling chirping sound when he purrs. He's currently missing a canine tooth but otherwise healthy. He was quite thin when I found him but has since gained a bit of weight and is about 14 lbs now. He also seems to like rolling around on his back.

Please contact Allison with questions info or proof of ownership
email -
phone - 626-841-2475